Best haciendas and mountain lodges in Ecuador

We introduce to you the best haciendas and mountain lodges in Ecuador. Willing to travel for mountaineering and discovering the Andean summits, this article is for you! We are not sponsored by any of these haciendas and mountain lodges. First, we established this rank according to our customers feedback and our knowledge of the market. Then we collected information from analysis of the reviews on Booking or TripAdvisor. We classified the top accommodations by areas around the main summits in Ecuador. Mainly, the ones we are doing in our tours with Andean Summit Adventure such as Pichincha, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Illinizas. Therefore, we hope that you will find the perfect place for your stay in our beautiful country thanks to this article. We are also happy to include them in your next tour to Ecuador with Andean Summit Adventure.

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