Ecuador’s top three lagoons

Ecuador is known for its landscape with beautiful and high volcanoes. Despite the shapes, altitudes and locations of these mountains, some of them offer gorgeous and breathtaking lagoons. Hereby we would like to show you the three most appealing lagoons in Ecuador.




Quilotoa crater Lake (elevation approx. 3.700 m / 12,100 ft)

Quilotoa crater lake

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Quilotoa crater lake on one of your visits to Ecuador. This marvelous crater lake is part of the ‘Reserva Ecologica Los Ilinizas’. It is located between Quito and Riobamba, high up in the Cordillera occidental. With an approximate height of the crater rim of 3.900 m /12,800 ft you stay acclimatized or can even use it as a relaxing acclimatization tour. To go down to the lake, you have to descent about 250 m / 800 ft from the crater. On the bottom you can enjoy the stunning views of the changing greenish water colour. This phenomenon is caused by dissolved minerals. It has a diameter of about three kilometers. On the eastern side, some hot springs arise. Getting up to the crater rim again takes about an hour. Nevertheless, donkeys are available for a smooth ride.

Furthermore, the hike along the 10 kilometer crater rim is an exciting option. The path includes only minor difficulties. Consequently it is a joyful hike. The highlight is reaching Monte Juyende, with 3.930 m / 12,894 ft. It is the highest point of the tour.


Laguna de Cuicocha (3.450 m / 11,319 ft)

laguna de Cuicocha

About one and a half hours north of Quito, in the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserva, is the Laguna de Cuicocha. It is a mystic crater lake with two islands in the middle. They seem to be shaped like a guinea pig’s back. In the kichwa language, the word ‘Cuicocha’ means “guinea pig lake”. Guinea pigs are important animals for Ecuadorians, as they need little attention, reproduce fast and make for a high protein meal. The hike around the lake takes approximately 4 hours. It shows you the great diversity of Ecuador’s precious flora including wonderful orchids.


Lagoons of Mojanda (3.750 m / 12,303 ft)

Lagoons of Mojanda

The volcano Mojanda and its lagoons are located in the north of Ecuador. There are actually three different lagoons: Karikucha (biggest lake and shaped like a heart), Yanakucha and Warmikucha. Next to the lagoons starts the hiking tour to the volcano Fuya Fuya, from which you can have a great view over the lagoons. High-altitude grasslands, known as ‘páramo’, cover the area.



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