Ridge of Rucu Pichincha

A challenging tour for starting your andean summit adventure in Ecuador: overlooking Quito, you see the summit of Rucu Pichincha. Starting in Quito, you first go up with the TelefériQo to approx. 4.100 m to Cruz Loma. We recommend getting up “early” and catching the first gondola at 8 o’clock. You never know, when and if the weather on Rucu will change.


Preparation for the RidgeAt Cruz Loma starts the tour walking along the Páramo fields until you reach the rocks of Rucu Pichincha.  At htis point we take our equipped: harness, rope, carabiner, helmet etc. to enter the ridge.

Steadily you are getting higher leaving one rock after the other behind you, until you get to the “paso de la muerte” – the step of death, the trickiest part of the tour. Of course, all the time you are perfectly secured and guided. Once you have passed this part of the tour, the summit is really close.

Paso de la Muerte at Rucu Pichincha
Paso de la Muerte

With a bit of luck you can enjoy marvellous views over Quito and the surrounding mountains, but clouds move fast up there, so be sure to take good use of every opportunity you get for taking great pictures and enjoying Ecuador’s wonderful landscapes.

Last time (April 26, 2014) we had cloudy weather, faced a bit of rain, but still could enjoy some nice views and also some sun.

You want to start off in Ecuador like this? It’s definitely worthwhile – just get in touch with us and we’ll have your adventure organized. We are looking forward to guiding you.


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