Yanasacha (5.650 m) – where motivation is key

Yanasacha - Cotopaxi
Yanasacha – Cotopaxi

Sun rise at Yanasacha, on the way to Cotopaxi (5.897 m): snow conditions are perfect, the climate is try but it’s incredibly cold, it took us a bit more than 4 and a half hours to get here, 250 m are still missing. The efforts which are required for every move are rising, the energy level is falling. Your mind starts playing tricky games, protecting your body from more exposure to extreme conditions. You want to reach the summit, but will you be able to?

Your guide:

Now you might need somebody who, based on many years of experience, is able to read the situation correctly: your guide & coach, who helps you to activate all of your resources & forces and accompanies you on your way to the top. Now it’s about touching your limits and growing beyond them! YES, YOU CAN!!!

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