Cotopaxi – getting ready for the next season

Winter in Ecuador – the number of rainy days rises whereas the number of mountaineers trying to reach the summits of the Ecuadorian Andes drops. It’s the time for recovery from the past season and also time for preparation for the upcoming season with a climb to Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi in the coulds - 6.30 a.m.
Cotopaxi in the coulds – 6.30 a.m.

Last week we visited Cotopaxi National Park. The mountain hut Refugio José Ribas is closed for renovation, therefore all aspirants for Cotopaxi stay either down at the camp or in Tambopaxi.

Camp @ Cotopaxi National Park
Camp @ Cotopaxi National Park

Instead of climbing the summit I took the walk from the camp (at approx. 3.700 m) up to the glacier (at approx. 4.950 m). Starting in the morning at 6:30 a.m., after a rainy night in the tent, I enjoyed the loneliness of the park, walking up the 13 km to the parking area. Along the way I admired the flora and fauna of  the National Park. Though it was a cloudy day, I could enjoy the view of Rumiñahui and walked along the Laguna de  Limpiopungo.

From the parking area I walked up to the Refugio José Ribas, where construction work is going on. All the material needs to be transported with donkeys from the parking area to the hut.

Construction site - Refugio José Ribas
Construction site – Refugio José Ribas

All the guys are working really hard, in order to finish the construction before the season starts.

From the hut I still continued to the entrance of the glacier, where I met a number of successful mountaineers, who have climbed the mountain that day.

Cotopaxi is getting ready … and what about you? We’d be happy to guide you to the summit. See you soon.

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3 thoughts on “Cotopaxi – getting ready for the next season

  1. andrew metz Reply

    Any word on the refugio opening up?

    1. andeansummitadventure Reply

      Hi Andrew, construction works are currently suspended, but there are still some things to do, so it will definitely take a bit longer. How long? Really difficult to say. We’ll be in the park this weekend and will let you have the latest updates afterwards. Best regards, andean summit adventures

    2. andeansummitadventure Reply

      Hi Andrew, latest news: the roof is on top … no windows, no interior … I heard that there are no more funds for 2014 and it’s likely that constructions will only go on in 2015, but no official statements. Will post an article about the weekend soon, with pics of the refugio … Tambopaxi is a great alternative, or the camp or camping up near the refugio. We would be pleased to welcome you! All the best from Ecuador, andean summit adventure

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