The Pichinchas

Quito 05:30 a.m. – break of dawn:. We are getting on a 4×4 vehicle and head to Lloa, a small village close to Quito. It takes us about 1 hour to get there. We are enjoying first great views before continuing our drive up to the mountain hut. The hut lies just below Guagua Pichincha, and takes almost another hour.

07:30 a.m. arrival at the mountain hut Albergue Defensa Civil (4.550 m) – incredibly icy winds and giant motivation are our companions. We start our way up to the crater of the still active volcano. Clouds are covering the

clouds over Ecuador
clouds over Ecuador

surroundings in the north and west, the views of the sierra in the south and east are great. We can smell the sulphur while we are walking along the crater, step by step getting closer to the summit of Guagua Pichincha.

It is just 200 meters of difference in altitude, so we reach the summit quite fast. The winds are getting stronger and stronger. We are happy to leave the crater rim and to continue our tour downwards heading to Padre Encantado, which we pass on our

Guagua Pichincha - 4.784 m
Guagua Pichincha – 4.784 m

way to Rucu Pichincha. We enjoy the view back to Guagua Pichincha, while we have a short rest, hidden away from the winds, behind Padre Encantado already.

It’s a great day in the Pichinchas massif. Having passed Padre Encantado we are getting closer to Rucu Pichincha. The route is getting steeper again and hiking up at this altitude is quite strenuous, but we still enjoy the marvellous surroundings, which are only ours today – nobody else seems to be on the same route that day.

Impressively watching the Pichinchas

Rucu Pichincha - 4.696 m
Rucu Pichincha – 4.696 m

down on us … yes … quite a bit of way left till reaching the summit! Getting closer to the ridge of the summit we hear and see first people, coming up from Quito’s TeleferiQo. The last part of the way up to the peak is a bit trickier, first it’s an annoying sandy part with loose rocks and then it’s getting rocky, but the grip is way better. Done! 2nd summit for today – and yes it’s a good day!

The tour is coming to an end, now it’s just about going down all way to the TeleferiQo, through Páramo, enjoying views of Quito and some sun rays.

Páramo @ Rucu Pichincha
Páramo @ Rucu Pichincha

A 6,5 hour hiking tour, including extensive rests, marvellous views, 2 summits and tons of fresh air … what a Sunday!

At 02.00 p.m. we reach the TeleferiQo and go back down to Quito.

This is a tour you would like to make as well? Don’t hesitate … contact us!!! We’re more than happy to guide you.

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