Photography tour in Ecuador & Galapagos

Andean Summit Adventure is proud to announce its new project. We will organize a unique photography tour in Ecuador and on the Galapagos Islands. The trip is in partnership with Nicola from Suitcase and Wanderlust.  You will deeply discover the country: travelling through national parks, stopping by indigenous villages, and visiting typical places such as: Galapagos Islands, Otavalo market or the Cotopaxi volcano! All of this, to experience the best of Ecuador and Galapagos.

Elisabeth, national guide, will show you the insights of the country and its culture. On the other hand, Nicola, professional photo coach, will guide you into the art of photography. The tour is designed for both experimented and beginners in photography.

Ready to boost your creativity in this great landscape? We promise you an unforgettable experience, full of discoveries and breathtaking pictures. Now, let’s present this thrilling program.

First stage: In the middle of the world

Quito: Capital of Ecuador

Welcome to Quito! The capital of Ecuador detains one of the most preserved colonial centers listed as a UNESCO world heritage. At the foothills of the Andean mountains, this city is full of stories and nice view points.

During our stay, we will have the opportunity to discover the best of them. First, la Basilica del Voto Nacional, the largest neo-gothic edifice in the Americas! Situated on top of the hill,  it offers you an impressive panorama. Strolling through the street, we will enjoy the life in the heart of Quito.

On the other side of the city, El Panecillo, is an immense Madonna overlooking the vicinity. Going up the statue, you can expect great shots of the landscapes. After dark, you will have the possibility to join for a memorable dinner with the best view on Quito by night. Then, we will stay at the Vieja Cuba, an hotel in a colonial mansion, in one of the best areas.

Mitad del Mundo

The day after, we will be heading to the famous Ecuador´s line: the middle of the world. You can climb Mitad del Mundo’s monument to get a nice view of the two hemispheres. This area is full of science particularities due to its position on earth.

  • quito view by nightphotography tour ecuador & Galapagos


Next step in our photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos Islands? We will head to the northern highlands, to the indigenous city of Otavalo.


Second stage: To the Northern Highlands


Today, we are  travelling to the biggest artisanal market of South America: Plaza de los Ponchos. Notably, Otavalo’s market  is a fascinating way to get into the ecuadorian culture. There, you can find everything that comes to your mind when you think of crafted items. This time, we will stay at El Indio Inn, a nice spa hotel in the center, next to the market.

  • Otavalo market traditional carpet photography tour ecuador & Galapagos


Next day, we will drive up to Lagunas de Mojanda surrounded by the “Paramo” grass lands. After training our cameras on Fuya Fuya, we will continue our way to the white city of Ibarra. This colonial city has white buildings due to an old tradition, but also beautiful churches and parks. We will stay at Hosteria Chorlavi, which is one of the most typical haciendas in Ecuador with a great comfort.

  • hosteria chorlavi center ibarra photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos

National park “El Angel”

The next day, we will continue the journey to the north. Stopping at the colombian boarder, we will be welcomed by the nature of the national park “El Angel”. With its rich wildlife, this is will be the perfect playground for our team of photographers.


Next step in our photography trip Ecuador & Galapagos?  Cotopaxi!


Third stage: Central Ecuador – Home of the Volcanoes

Cotopaxi area

Today, we will begin our excursion in the Cotopaxi national park. There, we can shoot a unique mirror of the volcano. This phenomenon is made with the reflection of the lake nearby. Then, according to the weather we will have several options. We can sneak into a mysterious owls cave. Other option: reach the glacier with a stop at the most famous refuge in Ecuador. It’s also possible to visit the Inca ruins in the national park.

For our stay, we will be hosted in one of the best mountain lodges around Cotopaxi: Tambopaxi. An awesome spot in the middle of nowhere, with all the comfort you need and breathtaking views.

  • lama cotopaxi photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos

Quilotoa area

The next day, we will be heading to the beautiful Quilotoa lagoon. This lake is situated in the middle of a crater. This is the result of the volcano’s eruption. On the rim, we will have the perfect photography spot with the afternoon sun. Interesting fact: The lagoon’s color is changing all day long.

This time, we will stay at the Black Sheep Inn. The lodge is known to be a symbol of eco-tourism. There, we can enjoy the bio diversity in a place in line with its environment.

  • quilotoa laguna photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos


Next step in our photography trip Ecuador & Galapagos? Baños de Agua Santa known as the “gateway to the Amazon”.


Fourth stage: Baños de Agua Santa – Gateway to the Amazon

Wildlife of Finca Palmonte

In the cloud forest, near Baños, we will have the chance to discover a unique wildlife. Fabulous birds, butterflies, monkeys and other animals are present in this natural farm. There is also a big diversity of orchids, and stunning wild rivers in the forest. For the night, we will relax at the Gamboa Spa hotel.

Tree house and Waterfalls

Today, we will appreciate the specialties of Baños. On the route of the waterfalls, we will observe many of them. Notably, the spectacular Pailon del Diablo, one of the biggest waterfalls in Ecuador. Strolling through the streets, we will discover the church, parks and the culture in the animated center. Then, a jump to the “swing at the end of the world” – Casa del Arbol. With luck, we will even enjoy a good sight on the Tungurahua volcano.

  • bird finca banos photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos


Next step in our photography trip Ecuador & Galapagos? Flying toward the Pacific, to reach the Galapagos Islands.


Final stage: Galapagos Islands 

Cerro Tijeretas and Darwin bay

Today, we finally reach the Galapagos Islands. There we will discover an incredible wildlife. Cerro Tijeretas will be our first stop. A nice hike to the top will lead us to a panoramic view on the ocean. Surrounded by the frigate birds and a dry forest of cacti, it’s a great opportunity for photography.

Then, next step to Darwin bay, nicknamed the “bird paradise”. First minutes on the beach, you will understand why. Afterwards, we will continue to the calm Malecon with animals chilling on the beach.

Lobo island and the sea lions

The next day, we will travel by boat to Lobo Island. There, we will have the chance to swim with sea lions – get ready for an unforgettable experience!  Secondly, we will reach the white sand of Ochoa beach and its rich fauna. This day will be a nice adventure, with stunning memories and pictures to that end.

Tortuga bay and Lava tunnels

From San Cristobal to Santa Cruz – target of the day? Tortuga bay! Indeed, today, we will travel by boat to meet the giant turtles of Galapagos. Another key point, it’s the largest beach of the archipelago. Even more, we will discover the lava tunnels. These tubes were created by the eruptions of the surrounding volcanoes.

For our stay, the Deja Vu hotel will welcome us with all its comfort and relaxing features.

Bartolome, South Plaza, Seymour Norte, Santa Fe

Without delay, we will head up to one of the following destinations. First option, Bartolome Bay, known for its Pinnacle Rock allowing fascinating panorama. Also, inhabited by penguins families.

Then, South Plaza is one of the smallest islands of Galapagos. Despite its small size, the site is home to a wide variety of species and is famous for its extraordinary flora.

Thirdly, we have the choice to head for Seymour Norte. Land of 2500 iguanas, but also sharks, rays, sea turtles and many species of birds.

Finally, we can choose the destination of Santa Fe. Native soil of the giant Galapagos tortoises, this location is also inhabited by 7000 iguanas.

All of these spots include marvelous view points and photography options.

  • galapagos bartolomeo islands photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos


Come back to the continent 

Last but not least, the eco-garden of the Jimenita will amaze you. Let’s relax in this 15th century mansion and enjoy organic food. With more than 18 acres and Inca ruins, this hacienda is a real haven of peace. Before the departure, we will also take the time to sum up the trip.

  • Jimenita facade quito photography tour Ecuador & Galapagos


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Hoping to see you in our next Photography tour in Ecuador & Galapagos.

Greetings from Elisabeth and Nicola.

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