Best haciendas and mountain lodges in Ecuador

We introduce to you the best haciendas and mountain lodges in Ecuador. Willing to travel for mountaineering and discovering the Andean summits, this article is for you! We are not sponsored by any of these haciendas and mountain lodges.

First, we established this rank according to our customers feedback and our knowledge of the market. Then we collected information from analysis of the reviews on Booking or TripAdvisor. We classified the top accommodations by areas around the main summits in Ecuador. Mainly, the ones we are doing in our tours with Andean Summit Adventure such as Pichincha, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Illinizas.

Therefore, we hope that you will find the perfect place for your stay in our beautiful country thanks to this article. We are also happy to include them in your next tour to Ecuador with Andean Summit Adventure.


Best haciendas in Pichincha Area



This typical hacienda is situated on the side of the Pichincha Volcano and 15 minutes from Quito. Thus, this position allows a superb view of the capital. Hence, it makes Rumi Loma the perfect place for mountaineers who appreciate the alliance of authenticity and comfort.  

  • Facade of the hacienda and view on the forest haciendas




With a private nature reserve of 90 000 m2, La Jimenita is a real haven of peace. The hacienda is situated at 30 minutes by car from the center of Quito, between Pasochoa, Pichincha and Antisana. Above all, a very friendly personnel will host you in this well decorated residence. They will make you visit this traditional hacienda. The environment is full of birds and paths for hiking, thus, ideal to enjoy the andean landscapes.

  • hacienda jimenita with a blue sky haciendas



Best hacienda in Cayambe Area

Hacienda hosteria CHORLAVI 


This colonial style cottage is fulfilled by a folkloric atmosphere. Discover traditional shows and the history of the place acquired by the Jesuits in 1620. The Hosteria Chorlavi is especially known for its amenities allowing a great comfort such as swimming pool, sauna and turkish bath. In general, the customers appreciate a lot the comfort and the kindness of the staff.

  • traditional dance in hacienda chorlavi haciendas



Best haciendas and mountain lodges in Chimborazo Area



On the foothills of Chimborazo, this mountain lodge counts with the perfect location for hiking or climbing in the volcano area. Outside, you will be delighted by breathtaking landscapes and surrounded by alpacas. Inside, the lodge has a welcoming style with wooden walls and traditional chimney creating a warm atmosphere.

  • chimney chimborazo haciendas



Price :   

This gem of Ecuadorian Cultural Heritage allows you to enjoy the Andean Landscapes very close to Chimborazo. Then, its colonial architecture is worthy of a real museum. The customers particularly enjoy the quality of the very professional staff with great attention. Generally, customers appreciate the comfort of the hacienda with its nice facilities: outstanding! Finally, there is the restaurant, which is one of La Andaluza’s best assets.

  • Diner hacienda andaluza haciendas



Best haciendas and mountain lodges in Cotopaxi Area



This mountain lodge has the best  location due to its special place within the Cotopaxi National Park. Thus, you can expect wonderful views of Cotopaxi. Then, friendly staff will welcome you and give you helpful advice regarding the services of this warm mountain lodge. The best place for that is around the chimney.

  • room with fire tambopaxi haciendas ecuador


CHILCABAMBA Mountain Lodge

Price :    

Situated only 6 km from the Cotopaxi National Park entrance, Chilcabamba is a rustic and warm mountain lodge. There you can enjoy nature and discover the Andean mountains. Therefore, this feeling like “alone in the world” will take you. To sum up, the customers appreciate especially the location and the comfort of the lodge with its facilities.

  • tradition horse riding ecuador




Alongside the Cotopaxi National Park entrance, this hacienda has one of the best positions for hiking and mountaineering nearby the Volcano. Then, it’s the perfect getaway for the travelers in quest of relaxing in a superb comfort accommodation with professional staff. There are many huge windows to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Cotopaxi and the “Paramo”. Also, the food is delicious, all of this makes it a great place to unwind in Ecuador.

  • outside of Hacienda in cotopaxi park mountain ecuador haciendas



Best haciendas and mountain lodges in Illiniza Area


Price :     

Looking for a local experience, typical ecuadorian? You should definitely check this out! Inside the Illinizas ecological reserve, this mountain lodge is a real hidden refuge in the andean nature. Moreover, a super friendly staff will welcome and advise you, as well as doing everything to make you feel like home. In any case, the customers recommend the comfort of the place and its great position.

  • national park illinizas lodge moutain haciendas ecuador


Hacienda EL REJO 


360° view on the beauty of Andean reliefs! Enjoy the landscape of Illinizas, Cotopaxi and Pasochoa while relaxing in the hot tub. There, taste the cuisine of Felipe who studied culinary arts in Italy. Then, Francisco will advise you on your plan of biking or hiking around. Finally, thanks to the comfort of the place and the kindness of its staff you will never forget your stay there.

  • chilling in hacienda el rejo facing the chimney haciendas hacienda ecuador mountain lodge illinizas illinizas



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Further, we have prepared a map in order to simplify planning. Please see below. In green, the major mountains, in black all around our picks for best haciendas and mountain lodges.


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