The adventure of Brian Dagg and the 7 summits

Here the story of Brian Dagg, new zealand farmer who reached the highest summits of the 7 continents.

Brian’s background

He is a farmer from Queenstown in New Zealand and his work is his best preparation for the feat of the 7 summits. Brian was also trainer for the local Rugby team. Furthermore, he has a beautiful family who supports him in his dream.

The 7 summits

During this adventure, Brian climbed Mt Aconcagua (Argentina), Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Elbrus (Russia), Vinson Massif (Antarctic), Carstensz Pyramid (Indonesia), Denali (Alaska) and Mt Everest.

Brian Dagg summit certificationThe hardest summit? “Denali ! It was very cold and physically harsh: we needed to carry all the equipment, about 25 kg!” Finally, Brian reached the summit at the 3rd trial.

The best experience? “Everest, 56 days expedition and nothing but fun during this time. At the top, it was incredible to see 360 degree and know there was nowhere higher in the world”. Brian Dagg is, at this day, the 47th kiwi to summit the Mount Everest.

His feedbacks and advices

When we asked for feedback of his adventure, humbly he answered : “It was very nice to reach the 7 summits but it wasn’t really a goal, I was just lucky enough to achieve them”.

For him, we must not think only about reaching the summit but enjoy the experience, and the journey to the top.

“ I am not a spiritual person, but with the mountain I feel like a connection”.  The adventure is not only at the physical level but also spiritual.

Now, one advice for the people who would like to achieve the 7 summits like you, Brian? “Begin younger than me!”

Experience in Ecuador

Now, Brian is in Ecuador travelling and climbing, few days ago, he achieved Chimborazo. The sleeping volcano is the highest point on earth if we measure it from the earth’s center.

Soon, he will go for Antisana, a stratovolcano which represents a big technical challenge. Why ? Because many crevasses appear and disapear, so the way to the summit is changing all the time.

But it won’t be a problem for Brian Dagg and the IFMGA mountain guide Jaime Vargas from Andean Summit Adventure.

Here the  video of the Brian Dagg’s interview after summiting Chimambazo :

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