Quito, getting started

Every big journey starts with a first step and so do we. Karin, Oliver and Lukas arrive safely  in Quito and their target is Chimborazo by end of the month until then, lots of acclimatization, culture, people, food … and FUN! 

Day one:

Day one is reserved for a city tour, visiting the main churches and squares, getting started at the basilica.

Basílica del Voto Nacional
Basílica del Voto Nacional
overlooking Quito from the Basílica's towers
overlooking Quito from the Basílica’s towers
windows of Quito's Basílica
windows of Quito’s Basílica













We walk through the old town of Quito, and visit all the most important places, ending with “El Panecillo” for enjoying wonderful views over the city.

true Ecuadorian dinner, que riiiico!!!! cheers!
true Ecuadorian dinner, que riiiico!!!! cheers!

“We want to eat what and of course where the Ecuadorians eat.” So plans for dinner are made, checking out what real Ecuadorian food is and how it tastes. Accompanied by a Pilsener, our local beer it just tastes awesome! What a day – everybody is happy!

First day check – altitude of Quito does not represent a problem for anyone, so we can continue with our plan, it’s time for mountains now but before that a good rest at the hotel. Jetlag is still bothering us a little bit :).

Day two:

Pasochoa (4.200 m) – a perfect acclimatization hike. We drive from Quito approximately 2 hours to the parking lot and start the ascent from there, getting a first taste of what it means walking in high altitudes.

After a nice walk we reach the summit – Pasochoa (4.200 m).

Pasochoa summit (4.200 m)
Pasochoa summit (4.200 m)


Hipy's training session
Hipy’s training session

Day three:

The Pichinchas – crossing from Guagua Pichincha (4.794 m) to Rucu Pichincha (4.696 m), the program for day 3. We go steadily up in terms of altitude in order to get prepared for Chimborazo.

ascent to Guagua Pichincha (4.794 m), along the crater
ascent to Guagua Pichincha (4.794 m), along the crater

It’s a long day, but we make two summits – great. Lukas is in perfect shape, so distance and altitude do not represent a minimum of difficulty for him.

Lukas ascending to Rucu Pichincha
Lukas ascending to Rucu Pichincha
3rd tour summit - Rucu Pichincha (4.696 m)
3rd tour summit – Rucu Pichincha (4.696 m)

3 marvelous days already passed, now we are heading north, it’s Otavalo time. See you soon.









… W E   S H A R E   Y O U R   P A S S I O N   &   R E A L I Z E   Y O U R   D R E A M S …

… come and climb with us, Jaime & Elisabeth, your andean summit adventure team …

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