Our summit hit rate in Ecuador

Our summit hit rate shows all information about the mountains in Ecuador over 5.000 m / 16.404 ft. Everyone wants to reach the summit of the mountains they intend to climb. Therfore, we at andean summit adventure help you to fulfill those dreams. In the last couple of years, we accompanied 552 climbers to Ecuador’s highest mountains. The following statistics show you which mountains (> 5.000 m / 16.400 ft) in Ecuador we climbed, how many people reached the top and why some of them couldn’t. 

summit hit rate:

Here is an all-time overview of all the high mountains we’ve climbed so far with mountaineers from all over the world:

our summit hit rate


Chimborazo is not only the highest mountain in Ecuador, but also a very challenging one to climb. Due to the long ascent and its altitude it has the lowest summit hit rate. Iliniza Sur and Sangay are our two summit-hit-wonders. All our mountaineers succeeded to arrive at the summit. Overall, we have a summit hit rate of almost 70%, which is a phenomenal result.

failure reasons:

Sometimes we have to turn around before reaching the summit. The reasons why are shown in the following graph:failurereasons

Being fit and having a good physical condition is the most important requirement for hiking and climbing. Even though the technical requirements to climb mountains in Ecuador are low, in 54% of the failure cases the physical condition was not good enough for reaching the summit. Factors we can’t influence are the weather as well as the conditions of mountains. Sometimes the only chance is to try it on another day. Luckily altitude sickness or having a weak rope mate are only rarely reasons for not getting to the top.

We are constantly improving and give our best to help achieving your goals here in Ecuador. We are confident to arrange unforgettable tours in Ecuador and would love to hike and climb mountains with you. You’ll find more information about us and our tour details under andeansummitadventure.com

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