Altar – El Obispo (5.310 m)

El Obispo is the highest elevation of an extinct volcano and one of Ecuador’s hardest climbs. The extinct volcano El Altar or Capac Urcu reaches a maximum altitude of 5.310 m / 17.421 ft.  Ice and rocks on the trail and changing weather conditions make it a difficult climb difficult.

The picture is from beginning of February 2016, when we spent 3 rainy days at the Italian camp. The worst thing about it, we forgot our rubber boots in the car. Because of that we got pretty wet.

Best season for El Obispo:

The perfect season to climb El Altar is about to come! We are preparing again. Wanna climb with us? We recommend beginning of November till end of January. Some of our other tours lead to Chimborazo, Antisana or Ilinza Sur y Ilinza Norte. 

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